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Family | July 29, 2014

4 Summertime Crafts Your Kids Will Love

4 awesome summer crafts

Running out of ideas to entertain your little ones during the hot summer days? Here are five craft suggestions that will keep them occupied so that you can finally tackle your never ending To-Do List. Who knows, you might even finish your list AND fit in some “me” time.

Moon Sand Box by Delia of Delia Creates

Picture that look of joy on your child’s face as she sits on the beach patting together a bucket-shaped sand castle adorned with shells and other tokens from the ocean. Now imagine a type of sand that she can use to create those same beautiful castles, but that won’t wash away with the next wave. And it gets even better. You can make this incredible stuff from ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen!

What you’ll need:

8 Cups Flour

1 Cup Baby Oil

Food dye (optional)

Ziploc Bag

Shallow Bin

Materials for moon sand boxKid playing with moon sand


Step 1: Mix flour and oil in a ziploc bag

Step 2: Add food dye for more colorful (yet messier) building possibilities

Step 3: Empty ziploc contents into a large, shallow bin outside (within eyeshot!)

Step 4: Sit back and watch your kids stay entertained for hours! This stuff never dries out, and it packs together perfectly. You’ll have a mini village in your yard in no time.

Chalk Spray from Thirty Handmade Days

This activity is a fun twist on an old family favorite: sidewalk chalk. Creating a chalk spray minimizes some of the mess that we tend to associate with a day of outdoor artwork.

What you’ll need:

1 Cup hot water

½ Cup cornstarch

1 Squeeze of dish soap

1 Tsp. Washable tempura paint

1 Squirt bottle

Chalk spray bottles

Photo from Thirty Handmade Days



Step 1: Whisk cornstarch and hot water in a mixing bowl until there are no clumps.

Step 2: Mix in washable tempura paint and dish soap.

Step 3: Once it has cooled a bit, pour the mixture into the squirt bottle.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 using additional tempura paint colors.

Step 5: Shake well and spray on your sidewalk or driveway!

Ice Cube Painting from First Palette

Here’s a fun way to get creative and keep cool in the summer heat! This unique and easy version of water coloring is a must-try.

What you’ll need:

Ice cube tray

3 Small plastic bowls

Plastic spoons

Food coloring


Sketch paper

Disposable ice cream spoons or craft sticks

Ice cube painting


Step 1: Begin with red, blue, and yellow food coloring. Add at least 5 drops of the food coloring to about ¼ cup of water in the small plastic bowl. Mix well. Add more water or food coloring depending on how bright you’d like the color to be.

Step 2: Spoon the colors into the sections of the ice cube trays. You can blend each of the three colors to get every color in the rainbow! Let your kids do the mixing to see what each combination looks like.

Step 3: Place the ice tray in the freezer for about 30 to 45 minutes. When the colored water is half-frozen, stick a craft stick handle into the center of each section. Return the ice tray to the freezer

Step 4: Once ice cubes are frozen solid, remove the tray from the freezer and let stand at room temperature for a few minutes. Twist the ice tray slightly to loosen the cubes.

Step 5: Give your little one scratch paper and let him get to work on his masterpiece!

Beaded Wind Chimes from First Palette

A beaded wind chime is a perfect activity for either sunny or rainy days, and your child will be proud to see it hanging on your porch or in your garden. This could also be perfect as a sweet and heartfelt gift from your child to a family member with an upcoming birthday!

What you’ll need:

Paper cup

Pipe cleaner


Big beads (store bought or homemade out of clay)

Small bells

Metal shank button or metal washer

Drinking straws

Acrylic paint

Paint brushes


Hole punch

Beaded wind chime


Step 1: Trim the paper cup so that it is approximately 2 to 3 inches tall. Punch 4 evenly spaced holes in the cup’s mouth.

Step 2: Paint the paper cup or let your child do it herself.

Step 3: Cut 4 pieces of string about 12 inches long, and a 5th piece of string that is 14 inches long.

Step 4: Tie a small bell at the end of each of the 4 strings.

Step 5: Cut drinking straws into 1 inch long pieces.

Step 6: String beads and straw pieces onto each of the 4 strings, leaving about 2 inches at the top of the string for tying to the cup.

Step 7: Tie the top of each of the 4 beaded strings to the 4 holes in the cup.

Step 8: Use the longer string to make a pendulum. Cut a pipe cleaner to about 6 inches long and make a loop at one end. Tie the longer string to the loop on the pipe cleaner. Attach the shank/metal washer to the other end of the string.

Step 9: Poke a hole into the top of the cup and feed the unlooped end of the pipe cleaner through the hole from the inside of the cup. Loop the piper cleaner on top to make the wind chime’s handle.

Step 10: Hang the wind chime where it can be admired and blow in the breeze. Enjoy the homemade melodies!


Which one of these kid-friendly crafts is your favorite? Please share other ideas below!



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