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Around the Home | August 24, 2015

Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Landscaping

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Summer is here which means different things for different people. For most of us it means the chance to enjoy being outside before we are cooped up in the house again during the winter.


It also means that gardeners can plant a lot of the stuff they have been excitedly looking at in catalogues and on the web for the last few months. During the spring and summer there are always beautiful gardens coming to life. Part of what makes these gardens so beautiful is the landscaping that goes along with them.


Landscaping can be harder than it looks. Luckily we have some easy tips to get your garden blossoming the way you want for your summer get togethers or just to relax in!


Do Some Maintenance

Before you get started with perfecting your garden it is a good idea to make sure everything is still in good shape. Prune the plants that need it, and make sure to check for any damage. Taking the time to do this will help ensure that your garden is looking its best.


As a side note: rearranging some of your plants can help keep the soil healthier. Just make sure not to move anything that likes to stay put!



An easy way to give your garden more personality is to lay stones around your plants as bed borders. Not only will this give the garden its own unique style, but it will also help to give it a sense of order. Unless of course you don’t want that! You can also use stones to create a walkway through your garden. This will make it easy for people to walk around without stepping on the plants you have worked so hard on.


Vine and Dine

It can be very soothing to sit in your garden and relax while you read a book or enjoy some dinner. But it is even nicer when you can do so with a little privacy. If your neighborhood is anything like mine, sometimes your house can feel a little too close to your neighbors for comfort. Luckily there is an easy way to make your own secluded space right in your backyard! All you need to do is put up some lattice fences around your garden and let vines grow on them.  Not only will this give you some privacy, but it also makes for a beautiful setup.


Make it Inviting

Bringing in benches and chairs for guests to sit on will give your garden area a welcoming feel. But don’t forget about the animals! Adding a bird bath or some bird feeders can be a great way to bring some more life to your garden. Beyond this, there are tons of other garden decorations you can bring in to get the feel you want.


Go Even Greener

Adopting eco-friendly habits can be a rewarding experience. It can also help make your garden even more beautiful than before. Some ideas are adding a rain barrel to save on water, creating a compost pile to reduce waste, and using old items like buckets and watering cans to hold your plants. All of these will help give your garden a little more personality while helping the earth at the same time!


Mix it Up!

If your garden is going to have that wow factor you need to make sure that you have a good mix of plant types to keep it interesting. A mix of annuals and perennial flowers is a must. But it is also a good idea to put in some bushes and longer stalked plants like larkspur, gladiolus, or hollyhock. Have some fun coming with your own unique mix of plants that complement your style.

Back to the Basics

Once you have everything set up the way you want, you have to make sure to keep up with weeding, watering and other types of upkeep. The same goes for your birdbaths or bird feeders if you choose to go that route. Whatever you choose to do just make sure to take good care of your plants!


If you have any other suggestions from your experience let us know in the comments!

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