How to Survive a Texas Summer
Around the Home | July 7, 2017

How to Survive a Texas Summer

For anyone who’s survived a Texas summer, you know it’s full of accidental seat belt burns, that feeling of relief when the temps are supposed to “only get into the 80s,” and sweating more than you ever thought possible. In fact, sometimes you wonder if spring is just a myth, since the weather seems to transition right from winter into summer.

The thought of 100+ heat that barely budges even after the sun goes down can seem brutal for some; for others, it’s just the Texas way of life. And true Texans know what it takes to stay cool during summer. When you mix pool days with icy treats, the days between June and August (and beyond) don’t end up seeming so bad. But if you’re not used to see the numbers reach quite so high on the thermostat, here’s the lowdown on how to survive summer in Texas.

Seek Shade

It doesn’t matter if you have to park the car farther than you wanted, if it means you’ll be in the shade. And the sun protection for your car doesn’t stop there. You’ll also need a windshield shade, and don’t forget to crack the windows to let the steaminess out. The difference between parking near a tree and out in the blazing sun is the difference between entering a hot car (which is typical) and getting burned by your seat, steering wheel, or pretty much anything you touch. Because as we all know, no matter how much you crank the AC as soon as you get in the car, it’s still going to be a few minutes to get things cooled down.

Befriend Someone with a Pool

Summer means time spent by the pool. You get to hang out with friends and cool off at the same time; two birds, one stone. Some days the pool may feel like a lukewarm bath rather than the brisk dip you might be looking for. However, compared to melting in the sun, it’s worth it to spend quality time poolside, preferably with a summer drink in hand. Lemonade, anyone?

Take a Trip

A float trip, that is. We don’t hike in Texas a whole lot; we’d rather ease our way down the river. Whether it’s the Texas-shaped lazy river that sits atop one of Houston’s newest hotels or your nearby riverbed, where strangers become friends by the end of the day, all you need for a cheap way to cool off is a swimsuit, a cooler, and your crew.

Stock Up on Sweet Treats

Hit the freezer for your next go-to snack. Now is the time to stock up on popsicles, ice cream bars, or for a healthier option, frozen fruit. Also, if you don’t have an automatic ice maker, make sure your ice trays are always full for your drinks and in extra hot situations, to cool down your skin faster. Alternate this with trips to the ice cream parlor for a sweet way to spend your summer.

Take Cold Showers

Nothing feels better than a hot shower … unless it’s summer in Texas, and then a cold shower can be a welcome relief. A cold(er) shower can be especially refreshing after doing yard work outside, to end a long day, or if you simply need a quick way to cool off. Even if you’d rather suds up in warm water first, blast the cold for the last few seconds you’re in the shower to avoid sweating as soon as you step out.

Stay Hydrated

Even if you’re sitting in the comfort of your air-conditioned home, make sure you are getting enough H20. Even if you aren’t a fan of drinking gallons of water every day, take advantage of seasonal fruits like tomatoes, grapes, and watermelon to sneak in extra hydration. Dehydration and heat exhaustion are common when you exert yourself too much during this time. Look at summer as a time to take it easy.

Monitor Your AC

It might be tempting to crank up the AC whenever you’re home, but regulating your home temperature means adjusting it to the time of day you’ll be using it most. For example, at night you may not need to have it as high because it’ll be a little bit cooler, and you can have fans working double duty. But you also don’t have to worry about your AC going out – every Texan’s worst nightmare – when you have an air conditioning service plan in place to make sure you’re covered (temperature-wise and financially!).

Never Leave the House

When all else fails, stay indoors as much as possible. Position the fan directly on your face, while you eat popsicles, and wait it out until a cool rain or at the very least, outdoor breezes to make being in the summer heat a little more bearable.

There are certain things that are paramount to Texas living and air-conditioning is one of them. Imagining life without it is almost too unbearable, much like other duos that don’t make sense when there’s one without the other. What would life without AC be like? See for yourself below.

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