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Home Energy Savings | September 16, 2014

Teach Your Kids Electrical Safety

Electrical wires

Electrical safety is a vital lesson for young children. This September, add to the back to school spirit by teaching your children basic electrical safety. We’re not asking you to confer an E.E degree: just show them how to avoid hurting themselves!

Don’t Put Your Finger There!

If you have small children and haven’t affixed plastic covers to your outlets, do so now. When you’re done, show your children the covered outlets, but do not teach them how to take the covers off. Rather, explain to your children that putting their fingers inside the outlet will hurt them, and they shouldn’t plug anything in without your supervision.

Tell Me if the Wire is Shiny

Appliances, and extension cords, get worn down over time. When the insulation around a wire wears thin, it can expose itself, presenting the opportunity for children to handle an uncovered, live wire. Before covering the exposed wire with electrical tape, show your children what the “dangerous” part of the wire looks like and to let you know if they see a wire with the shiny, metal part exposed.

The No Water Zones

Teach your children that they shouldn’t have water, or any liquid, near a computer keyboard or cellphone. You can lay a border of tape around a desktop keyboard to serve as a “safe-zone” in which no cups of water are allowed, but you need to drive the point home that water and computers don’t mix.

Ask Me if You Need Help

If your children are still young and want to use an electrical device that requires plugging something in or removing a cover, tell them to tell you and you’ll be more than happy to help. It’s always best if your children ask you something when in doubt rather than trying out something unfamiliar to them without your supervision.

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